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12 Spectacular Pueblos Blancos in Andalucia : A White Villages Road Trip

Photo Courtesy of Dean Johnston

The famed white villages of Andalusia Spain, also known as the “pueblos blancos of Andalucía”, are the main reason we finally made our way to this part of the country. Of course, we really enjoyed our previous visits to northern Spain, so we didn’t take a lot of convincing, and then throw in the idea of making it a road trip along the Ruta de los Pueblos Blancos in southern Spain and, well, we were hooked on the idea.

After we finished hiking through the tiny pueblos blancos of the Alpujarras we had a brief stop back in Granada to clean ourselves up and grab the rest of our gear, then we hopped the train to Ronda. Ronda, Spain – generally considered the king of the pueblos blancos (or queen, or maybe conquistador, I’m not really sure what the correct terminology is). There we settled in for a full week of apartment life to work on blog stuff, thoroughly explore all the amazing viewpoints and ....hit the link for more

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