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After a few posts, I think it is time to describe the focus, the direction and the vision for The Monkey’s Blog. As in all things in life, we tend to break things down into silos. I will now attempt to fill those silos with the help of all of you, the readers and the contributors. I have broken this down to 4 areas that I wish to see us all focus on.

1. Good Music

This is an obvious one. Our connection with Kat Country Radio is right there. Do not let the word Country fool you into thinking we are only about country music. In reality we are about all music, and particularly Indie music. I like country, so do most of our readers, but my big love is R&B and Smooth Jazz. Have you ever listened to Leon Bridges, Amy Winehouse or Raphael Saadiq. All music is related, there are only so many notes, keys and beats. You are cheating yourself if you don’t embrace it all. Our intention here is to serve up the best, with a distinct lean to Indie artists.

2. Good Food

I love food. In our travels we have eaten good food, mediocre food and outright terrible food. On occasion we get lucky and find great food. Our writers will scour the globe to bring you reviews on the tastes of the world. We will share recipes that we used personally and pass them on, with reviews. Paella in Barcelona, traditional English breakfast in London, octopus in Sorrento, pizza in Naples, we will try to bring the world to your doorstep.

3. Good Wine

With good food comes good wine. Or scotch, or bourbon, or beer. We will look everywhere to bring you the best in spirits. We will find the best wines to pair with good food as a complement to our recipes. We will find good wines at bargain basement prices. We will tell you what we believe is the best beer to have sitting on a beach in Portugal, or a café in Cleveland.

4. Good Places

Our contributors travel the world to review and recommend the best places to see, the best places to stay, for any budget. You need advice, we will try to answer that question for you. The world is a big place, use our experiences to help you plan your vacation.

Imagine planning your trip, while enjoying a meal using a recipe we presented, paired with the perfect wine, while listening to a new artist that you discovered on our site. That is the experience we wish to give you. f you wish to contribute an article, or have a suggestion for an article, please email me at

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