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As we look at the world today you can't help but be just a little stressed out. From two years of lockdowns and now trying to recover , what ever loss you may have felt during this pandemic . If one thing is sure ,is that change was all apart of it for each one of us. If it was from working from home to god forbid a loss of an income. Then there is the whole social thing we just don't seem to be built to be away from family and friends . It's ironic that the same people that annoyed you two years ago ,you would be more then happy for there company . With me I have very difficult time with change my morning routine is apparently set in stone , because changing it slightly can make the day a disaster .And lets not talk about missing morning coffee .

Now lets just think a minute of all the changes in your life in the last two years and then think how and who that has effected in your life . Now remember that I said in the beginning that change is difficult for me . This last two years has been the most upsetting and rewarding at the same time. I not only suffered a job lose to being rehired only to have to work from home. Then out of left field , FIRED ,the company that I thought would be my life until the day I retired just was gone , corporate America or in this case Canada . Automation the fear of any blue collar worker . And in the lives of many the end of life as they know it . Personally the loss sent me in a downward spiral that I didn't see coming. For most of my life for as long as I can remember I seemed to always be working , in high school it was the local fast food joint flipping burgers to working at the new Walmart . Life through college was uneventful and routine which was pretty simple because I remained living at home until I was finished.

The one thing that has become for sure is going back to doing what I was doing , before all this was not going to happen , and my new routine of coffee turning into afternoon cocktails before the afternoon hit ( it was five o clock somewhere ) was going to have to change . Change if I could change . That quick simple things didn't matter, showering was becoming less frequent. Money was becoming an issue and asking for help was not going to be an option .Believe it or not the fact that I could not to afford even to pay for the next afternoon day drunk that I had become accustomed to. The day it was rent ,food or a trip to the local store that catered to my preferred beverage .Was this real had I let myself come to this just because I didn't want to change or was it because I couldn't . I stood there what seemed like forever looking at myself in the mirror trying to tell myself I truly had a handle on it. The one thing I forgot to let you in on is that working in the world of entertainment and being a public figured did not help things , I spent so much time covering up my depression I really started to believe I was ok. It was not until I made the decision the trip to the store that didn't sell food was my deed for the day is when a change had to be made.

The first thing was to find help , and I found that right in front of me my family. The one thing that had been there but I was so embarrassed of what I had turned into . How could I turn to them now. , but I soon figured out the were there all the time. When I got this all figured out now work . This is I get to the reward of all the hard work . We all have the ability to make change in our lives it just taking the steps to do it , and sometime it takes a lot of courage to do it. We have this uncanny way of pointing out other's around us that might need to reach to someone for help . But for someone like me that change is not only hard ,in most cases down right terrifying .

The music industry has made some what of change and every independent artist has had to come to terms with it . It has become an industry that likes ,views and followers has replaced talent in some cases. On the other hand THE STREAMING SERVICE has truly helped the industry, but has also hurt it. I listened to a podcast our maybe it was a video Blog you no the ones you see on Facebook ,YouTube and the guest said this ." streaming has given us a platform for us to reach a bigger audience worldwide but at the same time taken the value out of music . We the consumer are already paying the subscription and we can download it now and take it anywhere .Evan in your car so why pay the .99 cents So change they had to do from online concerts to hitting social media daily and pushing your talents ,for them LIKE, FOLLOWS,AND VIEWS . I guess the point is change is inevitable it's how we deal with it is the point .


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