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Hello from Canada

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

If we talk Canada the topic of snow would come up. If we talk music you bet the topic around the corporate controlled music table . Is how to stop this new flow of music being introduced to us thanks to them streaming services . But like most spot's around the world you will find the singer songwriter struggling to make a buck playing your local clubs. So I thought it was time we introduce you to a few Canadian artist that you just might not hear on your local radio dial. Trouble is there are so many good ones who do you pick. Travis Pickering or maybe if pop is your thing Ashley Pater then again at my age metal was my thing growing up, and you will find that with The Mighty One a Vancouver metal based band . So were to begin. We will be talking about all of these artists and a few more but today's Bio read is. The Rick Snider Band If you look at the bands profile Rick is a Nova Scotia native with multiple number one singles reaching that number one spot, and his CD Beat Up Truck is pretty clearly recorded in a studio . With 10 tracks and a twenty dollar price tag it was well worth the purchase. His website has a store with all the swag and of coarse digital downloads. In the summer months you can find Rick playing around Nova Scotia or running Country Roads Records an independent record label with artist from both sides of the border . Ricks new single Country Soil is out now and available on all your streaming platforms . .


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