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The First One

John Phillips

Kat Radio My origin story with Don Pearse and Kat Country Radio is quite unusual, and unexpected. My wife, Lori, and I have committed to move to a location near Cranbrook, about 90 minutes from where Don is in the Elk Valley. In doing so, we needed to do some serious downsizing (for the umpteenth time). Part of that involved posting items for sale on Facebook Marketplace. I posted a listing for approximately 240 CD’s and priced them for 20 bucks. Despite the fact that we didn’t even own a CD player, it seemed reasonable to see if there was anyone out there that would be interested in this music, more of a soundtrack to our life. I have downloaded most of them on Apple Music anyways and didn’t want to just dump them. I put up a random photo from my timeline of a park bench and used it as the description. This generated some humorous conversation on the listing. Eventually Don got involved and decided to purchase them. We met in the parking lot of a Tim Horton’s in Cranbrook, where I basically converted the 20 bucks into coffee. We had a good conversation in the parking lot. He told me about Kat Radio, I told him about my blogs (doing them for at least 12 years now). He asked if I’d be interested in writing for Kat Country. Being freshly retired, I immediately answered in the affirmative. He asked for the url’s for my sites. We then went our separate ways. After a few chats on messenger, and some mutual research, we decided to move forward with a relationship, beginning after Thanksgiving (the Canadian one in October). On a personal level, Don impressed me from the minute I met him. Very personable and direct. As a recent convert to Country Music, I was further impressed with the station itself. The variety goes beyond country music, extending into other kinds of music, without losing the main focus of country. Diversity is strength. I see great potential with him at the helm and the talented group of people he is surrounding the station with. I see nothing but success in this endeavour and am more than happy to contribute whatever I can to assist Don and the station succeed going forward

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