Well it seems that winter has begun. In todays blog we talk about faith and music . As a kid of what I thought back then as pretty radical parents. Sunday was always the same , Sunday bacon and eggs a somewhat aggressive face wash ,and that dreaded hair brush that was sure to hit my backside at least once during the Sunday morning inspection . Sunday morning service was the same , the radical ones, to the Sunday Christian, that was spotted leaving the bar Saturday , in the middle of the afternoon according to the ladies in the prayer committee .

The afternoon was lunch at grandmas, were chamber music played quietly always in the background . The fact was most of us kids were outside in the shed listening to what was sure going to send us all to the depths of hell. Pretending we were Kiss on stage screaming out Detroit Rock City was the day that the shed door flew open and there stood 6"2 of my preacher father with this look I had never seen . With out a sound I knew it was time to go.

The ride home was, I might say, a little quit .


No matter what awards show you watch if you are lucky enough to make it on stage to receive one of these awards , we always thank everyone that might have been apart of our journey including God and mama. In my case my choice of inspiration was considered the devils music and would twist my mind.

I have heard it time and time again from Artists that there journey from a dream to reality was sometimes met with some harsh, but in there mind necessary consequences . In my case it was the good old fashion spanking to rid me of the forces of hell that had corrupted my inner soul , followed by a good book burning which in my case included two Kiss albums a Nazareth followed by Kansas and Led Zeppelins Stairway to Heaven. (a little ironic ). John Lennon said one word that sent the world into a public debate that would last forever . IMAGINE . Imagine there's no heaven , was all it took to send the world into a debate on religion but they forgot to listen to the whole song .

With the birth of new age churches, younger pastors that welcomed a party like atmosphere with live bands ,not just Miss J that had been playing the same old hymns on that slightly out of tuned piano for the last two decades .( I bet it's still there today ) Is there a place for religion in music of course there is . There are many Christian rock, pop ,and country bands that cater to Christian music . Like everything else things change in this big old world , even music . This generation has open a world of change in organized religion and the way it is defined in what to me seemed to need an over- haul anyway. But still the hardest thing to change is someone's mind that really doesn't want to be changed . ( my dad )

To this day things are still a little strained between my father and I , but he has excepted the fact that my career choice will remain music and it truly defines who I am . I gave him a copy of John Lennon's Imagine and ask him to really listen to it. That day I found out something I thought I Knew , I finally understood the true meaning of the song myself I wanted him to understand . As the song ended he looked up with tears in his eyes ,and said no I could not Imagine and walked away. Today I listen to the song I remember that day that not only Dad finally understood that it was not the music that defined the person I had become , it was his guidance through my life . We still have are different opinion on music and what it dose to the minds of young people . He can now sit in on one of my shows and never leave the studio but ACDC seems to mean it's coffee time, but I have caught him a time our two tapping his foot to Nickelback, ( go figure) but seems to be more of a JJ Voss our Blake , kind of guy. But the point is that his view's on religion have not changed but his understanding of music has. The day I introduced him to the music of Kenny Canoe and Revolution Engine a hard rock and I mean hard gave dad a look into my Faith . Faith comes in many forms , the way we look at it is only for you to decide . What ever faith you fallow music will not turn you into a hells demon . Some of what seems to be excepted gospel of today would have never been played at your Sunday afternoon picnic our on your Sunday radio show . Only time will tell us what will change in our lives, as many things have in the past, from the way we listen to music to the style that is being played. Today the one thing that never seems to disappear from it all is GOD and mama .



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