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What’s Up Next – Some Notes – December 3, 2021

What’s Up Next – Some Notes – December 3, 2021

First a tip, don’t expect to fit in writing when you are a 10-day vacation at a beach, in Mexico, in November, when you live in Canada. Having said that, I apologize profusely if you were missing us. We will work hard over the next while to maintain our flow of information and entertainment.

So, what is up. Let’s see. We have 2 interviews going up, one with a Cranbrook, B.C. indie artist, Maddisun and another with long time indie artist from Toronto, now in Los Angeles, Betty Moon.

We have a new Saturday night recipe for you, from Mazatlán of course. There will be a new article from our happy wanderers, Dean and Laynni. There will also be a new random Canadian band, and likely a couple of Canadian hits from our Canadian Top 100 of all time.

I also hope to add a new feature this week, which will chronicle pieces of musical history. I am still looking to finalize a format as it is a big topic. It may (or may not) incorporate birthdays, remembrances, and a look back at historical album releases. Kind of memory jogger of things past.

We are continuing our search for contributors as well. If you are interested in writing, I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line at if you have the itch to write. The musical history articles may be just what you’re looking for to get the juices flowing. Hope to hear from you.

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