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What's Up Next - Some Notes - November 15, 2021

It was slow last week as your writer was on the road, but we are back this week with 3, yes 3 interviews. They will all be posted within the next week or so and cover a wide range of musical genres.

There will be a new post from our travel correspondents at Routinely Nomadic, thanks Dean and Laynni. We will be adding a new Saturday Supper, and it is a good one.

We will introduce a new feature, The Wine Bender, a tongue in cheek look at wine reviewing, which, although cheeky, are basically bang on.

We will be dropping an article on Revolution Engine with a follow up interview with Kenny Canoe.

And finally, some more random bands and Canada's Top 100 rock songs countdown will continue.

Next week we will be reviewing bands, attractions and restaurants in beautiful Mazatlan, Mexico.

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